Beer Review: Blowfly
Blowfly Beer Review

Blowfly Beer- modelled in James gardenWelcome to the Blowfly Beer and Totty Beer Review!

Every month* on Beer and Totty we review a fantastic new beer and tell you about it. Whats it taste like?, is it worth your doh?, do the chicks dig it? Etc. We test everything - from the size of bubbles to the adhesive used on the label. This is, officially the most comprehensive beer review in the history of man.

So, without further a-do, exercise your mouse over the link below to get the run down on Blowfly, this months fizzy alcoholic beverage of choice.

Fancy a Blowie?

What Is It? >>

* Ok, we can't be arsed every month - it always helps spur us into action if a brewer sends us a free crate of beer for test purposes!