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Beer! Going to a place isn't just about drinking beer... Well alright, its not just about drinking beer, wines and spirits (or BWS as its known in the trade - see we know our stuff :)).

This section of Beer and Totty gives you a few guides to both Beer and totty then - its a fun Totty Tiles game, before we get serious, and Beer and Totty is here to help with the problems you face, when you end up being somewhere that sells drinks...

Beer and Totty Guides. Apart from the pubs - the most useful guides on this site:
> Beer Guide - what is beer and what does it do?
> Guide to Hangovers - how bad can they be?
> Totty Guide - selection, injection, rejection.

> Venue Statistics - the most popular places to go drinking!

Beer and Totty Flashers. Had enough of beer? Roll on the totty:
> Top half flasher - requires Macromedia Flash
> Bottom half flasher - requires Macromedia Flash
> Finally - help her undress! - requires Apple QuickTimeX

The Local - Beer and Totty's cartoon for pub life - Created by CeeGee Cartoons.

The comical tales from Britains worst pub - The sick and bucket. Watch the characters struggle to avoid food poisoning, duff pints, ugly women, alien invasions - and a vicious cat called Satan!

The cartoon changes weekly - so Click HERE to view this weeks cartoon.
 The Local

totty Tiles!  Here is a bit of fun! The game Totty Tiles.
This is basically a web browser based game, where you have to flip over the tiles on the grid to find the matching pairs of breasts. Get a match and the girl owning the breasts is revealed, along with a bit of the picture behind! Get all the matches and the full picture is shown.
   Play Totty Tiles here - for Adults only!

One of the first problems faced when going into a place is where are the toilets. We can't help you with that, however as a handy hint there is normally a sign pointing in the vague direction, or in a club look for an queue that's not at the bar... Trouble is - once your there you always face a crisis - Just which Urinal should you use?

Well never fear - we are here to help - take on the Urinal Challenge and learn without the trouble just which Urinal you should use.

(Further help: In cases of dire emergencies it has been known for people to use a pint glass - just be careful if you go for this method you don't get this pint muddled up with your real one.)

Spirits!  The next problem one you have the toilet sussed is (if your single, or maybe even if your not - we don't mind) to meet someone - aka Pulling!

Again - we're here to help, and have 3 handy guides for you to help you on your way - so why not have a look at our Pulling guide.

If that fails, there is always the technique of buying everyone a drink in the place - it sometimes works... Err well, it hasn't successfully that we know of - but give it a try you never know - and if everyone buys you a drink back - at least you'd end up plastered.

If the techniques describe in our Pulling Guides fail...
Not that they should.

We have an excellent backup option for you - our Chat Up Aid Card!
With this card in your pocket and a pen to hand, there is no way you could possibly fail. Probably.
Chatup Card

Beer goggles After mastering pulling. The next trick to learn are Beer Goggles. Basically the better your date/pull will look the more you have to drink.

Here is a game from Defused Interactive and which allows you to practice your drinking arm and test out your beer goggles - download it here. (360k; Windows only; requires Flash).

The more you score, the better your date!
Lads and Ladies versions are included.

Coming soon/eventually.

We will (one day) be adding to this section a huge cocktail menu and drinking games - to finish it off.

If you know of any good or obscure drinking games we simply have to include - please email them to us at: Cheers.

Whilst you wait however - here is a strange cocktail, I picked up whilst surveying pubs in Leeds:
Turbo Shandy - quite simply, half a pint of lager, topped up with Smirnoff Ice. Lovely.

And, a drinking game learnt on the same pub trip:
Heads or Tails - you need: empty pint glass, stack of pound coins (8 at least), players - the more the better.
    All players sit around a table, choose a starting Shaker. This person shakes up the coins. The player on their left pours a bit of their drink into the pint glass. The coins are then placed in front of them as a stack. The player then calls Heads or Tails and cuts the stack. If called correctly, the player becomes the Shaker and the person on their left then adds some of their drink to the pint glass, calls, cuts. If they get it right the game continues... Until a player calls incorrectly, at which point they have to drink the contents of the pint glass (preferably downing it).
Warning: you can end up with a disgusting combination in the pint glass.

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