What is it all about?

What is it all about?

The aim of this website is simple - To bring to the web, the most comprehensive reviews of drinking establishments in the world - for free.

We will visit and tell it how it is, based on:

1. Range, price and quality of drinks
2. The quality of the totty in the venue
3. What are the bar staff like
4. What facilities are available
5. What the atmosphere is like (music etc)
On here you will not find any reviews of places based on how the mushrooms taste in the salads, or if the Chess Club use it as their meeting place - because we simply don't care about that.

Beer and Totty has a dedicated band of reviewers who you can find all about on the About page - which also explains in detail the review process.

All pubs, bars and clubs we review are indexed by location, and type so you can simply and easily find what you are after; and gay places are specially marked so you know exactly what to expect. A lot of reviews also carry pictures to give you a visual clue as to what the place is like; and any review can have comments and mini reviews added to it by any visitor to this site.

We believe we are the fastest growing online database of venues (featuring fully detailed reviews, not just names and locations) with now nearly 500 places in our database and growing at about 40 extra each month!

To ensure this site grows even more (and to help out your fellow drinkers) please submit a review to our database - its a fairly simple form - and your entry will appear on the index within hours (all entries are checked prior to being included).

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